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The Athletic Algorithm blog features articles with the intention of exploring the interaction between the neurological & physiological aspects of athletic training.

Robert Burgholzer (on Twitter as @athletic_alg) has been coaching swimming for 25 years, and has been training and competing in endurance swimming & cycling since the early 1980s.  His coaching apprenticeship began under his high school mentor Dennis Davis, college coaches Neil Brophy and John Hayman, open water mentors Patric Close Mills & Sid Cassidy and world-class swim coaches and alternative wellness practitioners Bob and Nancy Mattson.  In addition to “garden variety” endurance training & coaching, his experiences have included a 20+ year personal yoga practice and experience as an open water swimming coach, race organizer and competitor.

With his history 0f training, coaching, yoga and a career as an environmental modeler, he combines elements of reductive science, psychology, and alternative therapies with years of accumulated experience in what works with the human body-brain complex (and sometimes what doesn’t!).  What results is a systems dynamics viewpoint into the process of athletic betterment.

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