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Erring on the Side of Too Fast

November 30, 2012

Ahhh semantics.  It was an odd morning, with Coach Luscan’s post about the limitations of the word pain on many of our minds, and a discussion over my choice of :15 “set-rest” over “fixed time” intervals for this mornings set (Mark: I would rather just do them on a minute. Me: Well if you hold :45, then you will be doing them on a minute). Then we had to go and do a danged test set, just to see how well the training has really been going.

The agenda was to continue our pursuit of specific speed, with a little variation on a test set that my friend Dan Haines used to do with his athletes to determine sustainable threshold paces.  Essentially, it is a 20 minute test set.  For the group that we had in this morning, we did roughly 20×50 (give or take depending on how many they could do in 20 minutes).  Normally, I would always do this set on :10 rest, but this morning, in light of my recent decision to err on the side of teaching our body speed, rather than just metabolic loading, I put it up to :15.  And the results were predictable — faster swims.  I don’t honestly know the physiological implications, but I know that it is nice to see a whole host of people swim 1,000 yards faster than they ever have before.

warmup 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull
4 x 75 25 drill / 25 pull / 25 build-up :10 rest
3 x 100 negative split to 500 race pace on back half
main set
20 x 50 on :15 rest, as fast as you can hold
warmdown till you could do it all over again

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